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Images by John Hanson - Professional Photo Studio
Images by John Hanson - John Hanson B/W
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Discover the artistry and expertise of John Hanson, an award-winning 'Master Architecture & Real Estate Photographer' whose work has captivated audiences around the globe. With accolades, international publications, and television appearances under his belt, John's passion for capturing architectural beauty knows no bounds.

Born in the picturesque town of Carbonear, nestled on Canada's eastern coast, John's journey began in the late 70s. Seeking warmth and educational opportunities, he ventured to England during his formative years before returning to his beloved Canada. It was during this time that John honed his skills and developed a keen business acumen during a successful tenure in the hospitality industry holding senior executive roles.

In 2017, fueled by his creative spirit, John made a pivotal decision and established Images by John Hanson. This platform served as a showcase for his creativity and commercial projects, allowing him to fully express his artistic vision. Despite remarkable growth, John remains committed to personally shooting each and every project, ensuring an unparalleled 5-star experience for his devoted client-base.

In 2022, John took his craft to new heights, quite literally, as he became a fully certified and insured RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) Pilot. This additional dimension to his skill set enables him to capture breathtaking aerial perspectives that further enhance his portfolio and offer clients a fresh and captivating viewpoint.


In 2024 Images by John Hanson under the same leadership rebranded to operate as Northern Media Group.

Beyond his professional endeavors, John cherishes quality time with his family and embraces the beauty of nature. Whether camping in the scenic landscapes of Muskoka or embarking on captivating road trips throughout Ontario, he often finds solace behind the lens, capturing the beauty that surrounds him.

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